Characters involvedEdit


This mission is unlocked after the player completes A Discreet Request. Go to the Grange and speak to Quentin. Make a choice of whether to tell Quentin about Becca's past or not.

Tell Quentin the truthEdit

Tell Quentin about Becca's past; he then confronts her about it and storms out. A short while after, mission Quentin Barnes? will be triggered.

Do not tell Quentin the truthEdit

The player will tell him to let the issue slide, since it's more important knowing the person who she is now than knowing who she was; Quentin agrees to this. When the player enters The Grange, Quentin tells Becca that he won't pry about her past, but Becca can talk to him if she wants. Becca seems moved when she hears that, which hints at a positive development in their relationship.


  • If the player does not tell Quentin about Becca's past, this is the final mission in the Grange storyline.

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