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Get to the enclave and agree to help them defend the place to start the mission.

The objective of this mission alternate between "Barricade the Windows" and "Defend the Perimeter". Zombies will gather around the house and aggressively attack it, attempting to get in via doors and windows. To complete the mission, the player must defend the house against a few zombie waves, then kill the last zombies attacking the house. But be warned, it is very often that a Feral or Juggernaut Freak spawn and cause trouble for you and your defending neighbors.


  • +15 Influence for the day
  • +10 Community Morale
  • +20 Trust with these survivors (Enclave)
  • Community Reputation Improved
  • +Trust (friendship) with individual survivors


  • Barricading the windows before starting the mission makes defending a bit easier.
  • The player can defend the house from the inside or outside. If they prefer staying inside the house, check the minimap to see if zombies are concentrating on the front or back door. Rush out that door (sprint towards it) before the zombies can push it open. The abruptly opened door will knock the zeds back for easy finishers. Close the door, rush to the other door and repeat.
  • The player can also defend the perimeter from the outside. Kill the alerted zombies, sneak behind the ones concentrated on pounding on the barricades, then use the stealth kill move. Once the zombies are concentrated on destroying barricade, not much can distract them from it. Just watch out for Ferals.
  • Using firearms is more economical if the player is outside. When inside the house they will have to destroy barricades before being able to shoot at zombies. A suppressed gun is preferrable.
  • Using a car is also a feasible method if terrain permits. Drive the car around the house, running over attracted zombies, then get out of it and finish off the stragglers.
  • Mines can be useful in certain situations, such as placing them in front of Ferals, Juggernauts, or large hordes. If you have many mines, you may even want to place one at an entrance to the house.


  • If there are hordes nearby, the commotion will draw them over and complicates things.
  • The first Wilkerson mission, The Old Farmhouse, follows the basic format of a Besieged mission.
  • A Juggernaut occasionally spawns in this mission, wrecking barricades and allowing easy entrances for other zombies. Occasionally it can glitch and get inside the house; however, this provides a rare opportunity to safely kill it with the help of fellow survivors. On the other hand, one enclave member might get out of the house and engage the Big Un single handedly, most likely resulting in an untimely death. Killing the Juggernaut is not required to complete the mission, as the player "only" needs to kill the normal zombies. When the mission is complete the Juggernaut will disappear.
  • A Feral might also spawn on this mission. If it gets inside the house, it becomes an easy target for a gang-beating. If the player encounters it outside, however, the Freak is a lot more dangerous as it is backed up by multiple zombies.
  • Juggernauts sometime spawn during the mission
  • A Juggernaut spawned by the mission, yet a Feral that was alerted

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