This mission is similar to the Ally In Trouble backup mission.

Head to the graveyard to the east of the Church of the Ascension. Upon arrival, immediately rush to assist Doc Hanson, who is fighting a large number of zombies and quips "I'm not too proud to ask for help".

The mission ends once all the zombies are killed and a small cutscene occurs.


  • Medical Advice Radio Command: Restore max Vitality (caused by injuries)


  • Sometimes, the marker for the mission might disappear, but it is still possible to complete the mission.


  • Doc Hanson can be killed, which results in a mission failure and the player losing access to a useful Radio Command.
  • The number and variety of zombies attacking Doc Hanson is random. There might be hordes, Juggernauts, Ferals and other freak zombies, but some players might encounter only a handful of normal zombies.
  • The zombies attacking Doc ignore all diversionary devices.
  • Completing this mission gives the character the trait Rescued Doc.


Lily: (radio) Just got word on the radio; sounds like Doc's in some kind of trouble.
Player: Where's he at?
Lily: (radio) According to the reports, he's up at the cemetery outside Spencer's Mill.
Player: Hope he's not expecting to find new patients up there.

After helping Doc

Doc Hanson: Obliged to you. Thought them things had my number for sure this time.
Player: What are you doing up here?
Doc Hanson: Paying my respects. That's my Gina right over there.
Player: <GenericResponse_Sorry>
Doc Hanson: It was a long time ago. Least it spared her from seeing all this.
Doc Hanson: Hell, she'd probably handle it better than I do. She always was the smart one in the relationship.
Doc Hanson: Lately I find myself coming out here more and more regular. Talking to her sets my mind at ease.
Doc Hanson: Didn't figure on them things following me this time. Anyways, I appreciate the help. You find your people in need of doctoring, you give me a call.

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