"Lily wants to show me around the church. I guess that's a good move."


Lily takes you on a tour of the church, and talk about their situation with the kitchen and their sleeping arrangements. As you continue towards the back door, you will overhear Pastor William Mulroney trying to comfort Ed.

As you walk out of Ed's earshot, Lily will mention that Ed's condition is worrying, and he might have to be killed if his condition doesn't improve as they can't spare the medicine for him. Follow Lily inside and she will tell you that if you find more medicine, they'll let you stay. Lily also points out the Supply Locker that you can use. The mission ends at this point.

Lily tells you about the cell tower in town, and asks you to climb up and survey the town to find a location you can get medicine, unlocking the next Mission: Lay of the Land.


  • +25 Influence for the day
  • +10 Trusts with these survivors


  • It is possible to skip this mission by not following Lily. A "Mission Failed" notification will be displayed and you will skip to the part where Lily mentions Ed's condition. However, this part will be a cutscene and you won't be able to control your character.


Between Ed and Pastor Will

Pastor Will: Rest easy, son. How do you feel?
Ed: Like somebody took a weed whacker to my fucking neck.
Pastor Will: We may have something here for the pain, but I'm more concerned about this fever. Could be a sign of infection.
Pastor Will: We'll need to get Doctor Hanson out here; I'll see if I can get him on the radio.
Ed: Thanks. I, uh, appreciate the hospitality.
Pastor Will: (quoting the Bible) 'Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.'
Ed: (to no one in particular) How about that? I might be an angel!

Radio room

Lily: I spend most of my time here, using the radio to coordinate everyone.


Lily: Next up's the kitchen. Sam's our unofficial in-house chef, but... well, there's only so much anybody can do with canned soup and pork rinds.
Lily: Seriously, though, rule number one All the food stays in here, and it stays sealed.
Lily: You wouldn't believe how fast rats get into things otherwise. We learned that one the hard way.


Lily: Sleeping quarters. Hope you don't mind sharing, we're pretty tight on space here.
Lily: Alan's been saying we should move to someplace bigger, but my dad's a carpenter and he says we could build, like, a dorm room or something to get more space.
Player: How many people do you have here?
Lily: I think you've met just about everybody, except maybe my brother and my dad.
Lily: (dropping a hint that she's asking the player if he knows about her dad) They're out scouting for supplies. I think. Haven't heard from them in a while.

After the tour, a distance away from the medical area

Lily: Look, I... I didn't want to say this in front of your friend, but fever is a bad sign, especially after a bite. ,
Lily: Pastor Will's going to try and get Doc Hanson to come down and take a look at him, but....
Lily: If he doesn't get some antibiotics, he's probably not going to make it.
Lily: If it comes to that... I promise Alan will take care of him. Bullet to the brain before he turns. It's for the best.
Player: Jesus, Lily, he's not a rabid dog!
Lily: (intense, angry) Don't you get it? More of us didn't make it than did. We can't be soft-hearted about this. Not any more.
Lily: (softening) We need medicine here anyway. You can't be sick, you understand?
Lily: No one can be sick.
Player: (angry) So that's it, huh? 'Nice to meet you, would you prefer to be shot in the face or kicked out on your asses?'
Lily: (frustrated, she's having trouble explaining herself) No, it's... ugh! Look, we're barely hanging on here as it is. Medicine was some of the first stuff to run out. We don't have any to spare for your friend.
Lily: I'm sorry, that's just the way it is.
Player: What if I find some more? Will that pay our rent?
Lily: <Sigh> Yeah. Okay, sure. If you can find us a place to get more medicine, I'll make sure your friend has a place to stay.
Player: His name is Ed.
Lily: I know.

Back inside the house

Lily: If you need to resupply before heading out check the locker.
Sam: Nobody minds if you're getting shit done and you need extra stuff.
Sam: Just don't take shit you haven't earned.

Next Mission: Lay of the Land.

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