"Lily wants me to go climb a cell tower in town and see if I can see any place to find medicine."


Follow the marker to the cell tower, being careful to avoid large groups of zombies. Climb over the wooden fence as your character cannot climb the razor-wire fences. Climb up the ladders to the top.

You can now survey the area, just like on the water station at Ranger Station. Enter aim mode and scout out each location until you locate the Veterinary Clinic. Lily will come on the radio and your character explains that antibiotics for animals aren't any different than antibiotics for people, and that it might be a good place to look for medicine for Ed.

Climb down the tower and Lily will tell you she is sending Sam Hoffman and Alan Gunderson to meet you at the clinic. This unlocks the Mission: The Vet Clinic.


  • +25 Influence for the day


  • If you have scouted the Vet Clinic before getting to the Church, its status will revert back to Unknown for this mission so you have to scout again.
  • Usually, during this mission, Lily notifies you that a group of friendly survivors that wish to join your community. This will give you Mission: Friendly Survivors. You can do this now, or wait until after you head to the Veterinary Clinic.


"Briefing 1"

Lily: We try not to travel in large groups too often. Attracts too much attention.  
Lily: So all we need from you right now is a little scouting.  
Player: I can do that.  
Lily: There's a clinic northwest of town,  but last time we thought about making a supply run in the area it was crawling with... uh... 'zombies.'
Lily: What I want you to do is head to the cell tower on the north side of town and find a way up. Tell us if the coast is clear. Be our eyes in the sky.  
Sam: You can take a few things from the emergency locker over there. We try to ration out supplies every day.  
Sam: People don't mind you taking a few extras here and there if you're getting shit done. Just don't be a freeloader.  
Lily: Okay,  that's about it. I'll stay in touch on the radio and talk you through everything.
Lily: Good luck out there.

"Briefing 2"

Lily: Here. <marks the player's map>
Player: Wait, what?
Lily: There's a cell tower behind the Swine & Bovine. From up there you should be able to get a good look at the town.  
Lily: Maybe you'll spot someplace to find medicine.  
Player: Thank you.  
Lily: Just hurry, okay? I'm not sure how long I can rein Alan in.

On the way to the cell tower

Player: How'd you all end up at the church,  anyways?
Lily: (radio) Jeez,  I don't know. At first it just seemed like the place to go,  y'know? End of the world and all that. 
Lily: (radio) Then we started hearing about how bad it was getting. Other people tried to go it alone and ended up....  
Lily: (radio) Well. We just sort of stayed here after that.  
Player: Just the six of you?  
Lily: (radio) No. There used to be twelve of us.

Pastor Will's message

Lily: (radio,  off mic,  not talking to you) Sure, just one sec.
Pastor Will: (radio) If you can hear me,  this is Pastor William at the Spencer's Mill Church.
Pastor Will: (radio) We've got an injured man here. If anybody knows where we can find Doctor Hanson,  please let us know on this frequency.
Pastor Will: (radio) Thank you,  and God bless.
Lily: (radio, off mic) You're welcome.
Lily: (radio, to you) We'll do a few more of those on other frequencies,  too. Somebody will know where he is. 
Player: How's Ed doing?  
Lily: (radio) He's hanging in there,  but let's just hope we find the Doc soon. Those antibiotics would be a big help, too.

Near cell tower

Player: Found that cell tower. Right where you said it'd be. So,  what am I looking for?
Lily: (radio) If I knew that,  we'd have raided it for supplies already.
Lily: (radio) We need to find someplace with a good stockpile of medications... someplace less obvious than a hospital or a pharmacy.  
Lily: (radio) Those were the first places to get hit.  
Player: I'll see what I can do.

On top of cell tower

Player: Made it. Gonna look around now.  
Lily: (radio) Let me know if you find anything.  
Lily: (radio) Meanwhile,  enjoy your view of scenic Spencer's Mill,  renowned for having the friendliest, flesh-eatingest residents in the valley.

The player spots the vet clinic

Player: Hey,  what's that? Looks like a vet's office or something.
Lily: (radio) Huh? Oh,  yeah,  Dr. Gilroy's clinic. What about it? 
Player: Well,  antibiotics for dogs aren't any different than antibiotics for people. And it looks like no one's broken in.
Lily: (radio) Huh. That's a good idea. Okay,  sounds like it's worth checking out.

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