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Follow the marker to the barn. When you're on the way, Jacob will come on the radio asking Lily to hurry, as he's been noticed.

When you arrive at the barn, head inside and help Jacob Ritter and Eli Wilkerson kill off the zombies. Occasionally there will be a horde nearby so be prepared to kill them too.

After the fight, a short cutscene starts where it is decided that you will take Jacob home after providing a distraction for Eli to safely head back to his home. You receive a few Firecrackers; however, it is not necessary to use these. You can drive a car to the marked location and sound the horn to get the job done. Search the Barn for items and resources.

After distracting the zombies, drive Jacob back home. When you get back, a cutscene will starts where Lily yells at Jacob for going off alone and he admits to being with Eli; then Jacob tells her that their father was last heard going to the lake to look for survivors. Lily then ponders at this fact. At this point, the mission ends.


  • Jacob Ritter and Eli Wilkerson cannot die until after you complete this mission.
  • Shortly after this mission, Mission: The Old Farmhouse should come up.


Lily trying to reach Jacob

Lily: (radio) Jacob? Jacob, come in.
Lily: (radio) (annoyed) Has anyone out there seen my brother?

Jacob contacts Lily

Jacob: (radio) Uhh... Lily? I really hope you're at the radio, sis, 'cause I'm in a little trouble here.
Lily: (radio) Jacob? Where have you been? I've been trying to raise you for ages!
Jacob: (radio) Uh, yeah, sorry about that. I've been... busy.
Lily: (radio) <Sigh> What's going on?
Jacob: (radio) I sorta took a bad fall. Off a roof. Don't think I can make it home on my own. Anybody out there who can give me a ride?
Lily: (radio) (frustrated) If anybody's in the neighborhood, can you please go get my idiot brother?

As the player is on the way

Jacob: (radio) Uh, Lil? Might want to tell your guy to hurry up. Looks like I just got noticed.
Lily: (radio) How bad is it?
Jacob: (radio) Pretty bad.
Lily: (radio) Just... just hang on. Somebody will be there soon.

At the barn

Player: Jacob? Come on, let's get you and your friend out of here.
Eli: Umm... no, that's okay. You just get him back to the church safe. I gotta get back to my brothers before they notice I'm gone.
Jacob:Eli, we've talked about this. I'm not ashamed to be seen with you!
Eli: It ain't about shame. You know what Job would do if he caught us together.
Jacob: Your brother's an asshole.
Eli: He's still my brother.
Eli: I better move. You get him home safe.
Jacob: You get yourself home safe. Don't do anything stupid.
Eli: Hey... I'm young, quick, and I got a big-ass wrench. What could go wrong?

After Eli leaves

Player: He's gonna get swarmed if we don't draw some of them off. Come on, help me look for something to distract them.
Jacob: How about these?
Player: What, firecrackers? Yeah... yeah that should work nicely.
Player: Come on, let's go make some noise.
Jacob: Here you go.
Player: We should probably toss off one more of those when we get a little farther up the road. Give him a little more time to get clear.
[After distracting the zombies]
Jacob: That ought to be enough. They'll be too fixated on the noise to pay Eli much attention.
Jacob: (softer, almost to himself) As long as he doesn't get cocky.

On the way home

Player: I got him, Lily. We're on our way home.
Lily: (radio) <Sigh of relief> Thank you. Now please smack him in the head for being an idiot.
Jacob: So, uh... haven't seen you around the church before.
Player: Guess you could say I'm new in town.
Jacob: Right. End of the world, you just blew into town and could somebody point you to a place to stay? <Gets smacked on the head> Ow! What was that for?
Player: You heard your sister.

Jacob's injury

Player: How's the leg?
Jacob: Hurts like hell. Think I twisted my ankle or something.
Jacob: Nothing's broken, though. With a little bed rest, I should be fine in a day or so.
Jacob: Just don't expect me to be running around town dodging zombies till then.

At home

Lily: What were you thinking? You know nobody's supposed to go out there alone.
Jacob: Will you please give it a rest? You're not Mom.
Jacob: And besides... I wasn't alone.
Lily: Tell me you weren't with Eli Wilkerson again.
Jacob: That's none of your--
Lily: I don't trust him! You know what his family's like.
Jacob: Eli's not his family.
Lily: Just... be careful, okay? I just got you back. I don't want to lose you again.
Lily: Hey, have you seen Dad recently?
Jacob: Last I saw him he was heading up to look for survivors at the lake.
Lily: (realizing this means Ed and Marcus/Maya probably know more than they're saying about her dad) The lake, huh?

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