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Meet up with Sgt. Tan

Sergeant Erik Tan contacts the player, saying he has something they should see.

Get to the mission marker and head inside the house to trigger the cutscene. Sgt. Tan is speaking to a dying soldier. After the soldier expires, Sgt. Tan asks the player to leave the house. After the player does so, a shot is heard.

Sgt. Tan then suggests that he and the player go up to the reservoir to examine the water supply. When they arrive at the new spot, the player must briefly follow Sgt. Tan around as he looks around. This leads to the water supply, where dead bodies are piled up. Sgt. Tan tells the player that the dead bodies piling up in water is known as a bad thing. and an end to any plans of staying in Trumbull Valley.  Sgt. Tan tells the player that he's got a few leads that he can try to follow and tells the player to leave, and the mission ends.

The mission logs will then state that the infected water is causing the Black Fever.


A short while after this mission, mission Exit Strategy is unlocked.

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