Lily Ritter asks one of the survivors if they can retrieve a gift watch she gave her father Thomas Ritter at the Ranger Station.

The player must then travel to the Ranger Station, which has become infested, and clear the place of zombies. Once the Ranger Station has been cleared, the player can pick up the watch and complete the mission.


  • Some players have reported bugs regarding this mission disappearing, missing map marker, or never being triggered at all. Suggestions include using one of the first 3 survivors (Marcus, Ed or Maya), and using that same survivor to pursue the mission once offered.
  • Some players have reported having no cutscene playing in which Lily is given the memento, and suggest having the same survivor who completed the mission approach Lily to complete it, without exiting the game or switching characters.


  • This minor mission is provided later in the game after all of the introductory missions (although the specific trigger is unclear). It is also entirely optional.
  • Players have reported widely varying levels of opposition. Some reported encountering Hordes accompanied by multiple Freaks (Ferals and Juggernauts being the most common), while others only small pockets of undead, a Horde or two, and a single Infestation.
  • Players should prepare themselves for the worst: A Powerhouse or Reflexes character, at least one durable Melee Weapon, a suppressed Assault Rifle or a similar high-capacity fast-firing weapon, multiple magazines of ammo, spare suppressors, explosive and/or diversionary items. Health and Stamina Items are, as always, indispensible.
  • The Ranger Station provides little safety once multiple Hordes and Freaks are spawned. On the other hand, the Water Tower next to it (provided that the player is able to reach it) is remarkably safer as zombies cannot climb it while the player can freely shoot or throw explosives at the undead below.
  • The character used to complete this mission gets the trait Got the Watch.


Lily: (radio) Hey... Do you... do you think you could do me a favor while you're out there?
Player: <GenericResponse_AcceptMission>
Lily: (radio) It's-- no, nevermind, it's stupid.
Player: <GenericResponse_Confused>
Lily: (radio) I've been packing up my Dad's stuff, and I found a watch box. It's from the birthday present I got him when I was 12. This stupid little plastic thing with cartoon fish on it.
Lily: (radio) I don't know why he kept it, but... it kind of made me realize I don't have anything to remember him by.
Lily: (radio) So I was going to ask if you'd go up to where he died and bring me something of his.
Lily: (radio) No, forget it, it's stupid, it's way too risky. I'm sorry I brought it up.

On the way

Player: Tell me a little about your dad.
Lily: (radio) He was... amazing. I know it must have been hard for him after Mom died, but he never let me see it.
Lily: (radio) I remember this one time, when I was too sick to go to the movies for Becky Lindeman's birthday party, he turned our living room into an old-timey movie theater, just for me. ,
Lily: (radio) Popcorn machine, candy, curtains in front of the TV... he even made me get a ticket.
Sounds nice.
Lily: (radio) I was fourteen. It was totally lame. But it was sweet.

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