When a member of the player's community gets sick or become infected, he or she might reach the "Gravely ill" or "Sick: Black Fever" status and has a chance of dying and reanimation. When this occurs, the player might receive a notification from Lily that "something" needs to be done.

The player will be given three choices: (a) execute the survivor, (b) tell him/her to leave the base, or (c) delay their decision and hope things get better.


Execute the memberEdit

    • Alan killed by the player
    • Alan killed by zombies
    If the player opts to kill the infected survivor, he/she will follow the player character. When the player stops at a location far enough from base (not necessarily the spots marked on the map), the survivor will kneel down and wait for the kill. If attacked, he/she will make no attempt to self-defend.
  • Once the survivor is killed, the mission is completed. In older versions of the game (pre-YOSE?), the dead survivor does not drop any rucksack. Therefore, it is advisable that the player empty the survivor's inventory or fill it with cheap items.
  • Alternatively, if the infected survivor gets torn apart by zombies, the mission fails (which does not affect anything), but he/she drops a rucksack.
  • In both cases, no Morale or Attitude penalties occur.

Expel the memberEdit

  • If the player decides to tell the survivor to leave, the he/she may agree or refuse. A player character with high Leadership skill increases the chance of successfully expelling the survivor. Expelling a survivor reduces Morale and worsen other survivors' attitude.
  • If the expelled survivors manage to stay alive and get far enough from the player's home site, they will set up their own enclave called "Expelled Members". It is not yet tested if this enclave can be recruited like normal ones.


  • If the player decides to wait and see what happens, they run the risk of the sick survivor dying, turning, and then killing other members of the base. However, the survivor may also recover from their illness/wounds.

To get the Mercy Shot missionEdit

To get this mission (in Breakdown, it is necessary to unlock Alan Gunderson), the player needs to get a survivor (friend, or non friend) infected and become gravely ill. It has reported by a few players that the survivor does not need to be non-friend, a sick friend can be killed as well.

The following can be done to increase the chance of getting the mission:

Remove curesEdit

  • To prevent the sick characters from healing, make sure there is no Medical Area and no Medicine in the home site. Hence, this mission is best done after moving to a new home site, or at the beginning of a level.
  • Survivors with Medical skill only improves the healing chance if there is already a medical area at home. Therefore, if there is no medical area, these healers do no healing and there is no need to get rid of them.

Injure and infectEdit

  • Injure unwanted characters by running them over, throwing incendiary grenades at them, shooting at exploding barrels near them, etc. Then, try to find a couple of Bloaters and lead it to these survivors. They will always rush in to melee attack it and inhale Bloater gas. These should be enough to get the survivors infected.
  • To simplify this step, one should use the Radio Room and select "Offer Shelter for survivors"; when they appear, simply drive to their place then get them injured and infected. Since these survivors will follow the player everywhere, finding a few Bloaters  becomes much faster.


Exit the game and advance the computer clock by 1-2 hours, then load game and see if the injured character(s) are Gravely ill. If they already are but the mission doesn't appear, then the player has a few choices:

  • Advance the clock a few more times, and check each time for the mission.
  • Complete a few side missions.
  • Select the survivors and press the "Check-In" button, so Lily can call in their location. Get to that location, and select the "Send survivor home" dialogue option. Immediately after the survivor reaches the homesite, the mission should pop up.


  • Sdgsdg
    The survivor who is ill will not be available until the situation has been resolved. They will remain as a map marker at the base until the player takes some action, or the infected one gets better.
  • In State of Decay, completing this mission once rewards the player with the "Mercy Shot" achievement.
  • In Breakdown, completing this mission once unlocks the hero character Alan Gunderson.


Note: This is the unique dialog that is only available with Alan Gunderson if the player delays the decision.

Lily: (radio) Is Alan out there with you?
Player: <GenericResponse_No>
Lily: (radio) Crap. I think he wandered off on his own. He left this note on my desk... I don't know what it means.
Player: <GenericResponse_MoreInfo>
Lily: (radio) It says 'Heading to the Fork in the Road for a country fried steak. May be gone a while. -Alan.'
Lily: (radio) I think he might be delirious.
Player: I'll look into it.

At the Fork in the Road Diner

Alan: Shoulda suspected you'd come looking for me.
Player: What's going on, Alan?
Alan: I'm done for. You know it. I know it. Even that damn fool little girl knows it, she just won't say it.
Alan: Way I see it, I got three options. Die puking my guts out and turn into one of them, trust one of you pussies to do it for me, or come out here and do it myself.
Alan: Door number three it is.
Player: You don't have to do this. We can-
Alan: Only thing you can do for me is what I'm man enough to do myself. It's not a thing anyone else should have to live with.
Alan: Now get out of here. Give me some damn privacy at least.
Player: Sure. So long, Alan.