Characters involvedEdit


This mission is in the Wilkerson storyline, and follows A Helping Hand. As usual, Lily informs the player that a nervous survivor may need some assistance.

When the player arrives at the mission marker, a cutscene will play in which representatives of Wilkersons (Philip Manfred and a randomly chosen thug) are threatening a survivor (Ben Hanscomb).

The player will then be given the choice to help the survivor by paying his debt, denying the mission, or delaying it until another time. If the player agrees to help, it will cost 5 crates of ammunition to do so.

The player will then drive to his/her own base with the survivor in tow, collect the 5 crates of ammunition, and return to the Wilkersons. After a short cutscene, the mission ends.


  • At this point, it is likely that the Wilkerson's trust has risen to the point where they will sell the player 3 different high quality firearms, the TMP9, MK.15, and 416 CQB.