Characters involvedEdit


This Mission is obtained by completing Mission: Unwelcome Guest by accepting the Wilkerson's offer.

Once the player arrives at the Enclave and speaks with its members, he/she will be given a choice as to whether or not they should try to talk this Enclave out of meeting with the Wilkersons.

Talk them out of the meetingEdit

If the player talks the Enclave out of meeting with the Wilkersons, the mission immediately ends there with little fanfare.

Going forward with the meetingEdit

If the player decides to go through with it, a new mission marker will appear on their map which represents the agreed-upon meeting place near the dinosaur park gas station. Once the player drives the three Enclave members to the destination and walks them up to the Wilkersons, he/she is told to leave while the groups conduct their business. 

The player cannot take any further action at this point other than to leave.  Once the player gets outside of the red circle boundary, the mission ends.

The player is then informed that the three enclave members have died and that they were "eaten by zombies." If the player returns to the location, three rucksacks of possessions can be found and collected.


  • Shortly after the mission, Wilkerson will contact the player, saying they have a new gun in their stash (a Light Machine Gun known as the M60E4)
  • Completing the mission rewards the player with the Gun Thug achievement.
  • This is the final mission for the Wilkerson storyline

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