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This mission is not unlike various zed hunt missions.

The player first receive a mission notification to find Sam. Once Sam is found, offer to help her locating an old man whom she used to looked after. Upon locating the man, it is revealed he is already dead and reanimated. Killing him completes the mission


  • +Trust with Sam


The player approaches Sam

Player: Sam? What are you doing out here?
Sam: Looking for Andy Pimms.
Player: Who's Andy Pimms?
Sam: Fuck, you're persistent.
Sam: Andy's a guy used to come into Pastor Will's soup kitchen all the time. Haven't seen him since this bullshit went down.
Player: I'll help you look.
Sam: Hey, if that floats your boat, I'm not turning down free help.
Sam: Old bastard's probably dead by now, but apparently I'm a sucker for winos with no teeth and bad gout, because here I am looking for him.
Sam: I got a few ideas where to look. Come on.

On the way

Player: How'd you end up working in a soup kitchen?
Sam: The fuck's that supposed to mean? I volunteered!
Sam: What, you think I wouldn't help my fellow man unless it was court ordered?
Sam: I've been helping Pastor Will with charity shit for years.
Player: Sorry. I shouldn't have assumed.
Sam: Goddamn right.

Upon finding Andy Pimms

Sam: Shit. That's Andy.
Player: Player: <GenericResponse_Sorry>
Sam: Yeah, well... about what I expected. Even money whether the zeds got him or the booze did.
Sam: Let's take care of him and go the fuck home.
<After Andy's dead>
Sam: Rest in peace, you gross old bastard.


  • Andy Pimms' final moments

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