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  • Mission completed
Head to the green question mark marker on the map. When the player approaches it, the question mark disappear and a few small blue question marks appear on nearby locations, potential places to search for the missing survivor.
Inside each house, search all rooms (note the small blue circles denoting an unsearched room). When the ally is found, take him/her back to home base to finish the mission.


  • +20 Trust with these survivors
  • +10 Influence for the day.


  • The player has to "see" the missing survivor (i.e face him/her) for him/her to be considered "found". Occasionally the player is required to approach and "greet" that survivor.
  • This mission is usually triggered by a survivor panicking and run away.
  • Besides survivors the player's community, enclave members can go missing as well. Rescuing the missing survivor can yield a small resources reward when the player gets them home safely. Occasionally the player will be accompanied by one or two remaining enclave members.
  • FIXED (BUG): On PC and XBOX 360, the rescued survivor's history will be stuck on "Ran Away", which stays there and effectively hides the character's real mood.

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