• Mission detail
  • Mission completed
  • Mission completed (solo)
Follow the marker to the survivor's location. Agree to help deal with a nearby Infestation. The survivor joins the player and a marker appears on the infested spot.

After the infestation is cleared, the fellow survivor thanks the player and departs.

Letting the mission expire will result in another survivor coming to aid the first survivor and they will spend 2 Ammo Crates to clear the Infestation. As Ammo is one of the rarer resources, at least early in the game, this outcome is usually undesirable.


  • + Friendship with everyone at home
  • + Influence for the day
  • + Community Morale


See Infestation page for more information.


  • If a player spots an infestation and goes in to clear it by his/herself, a "Mission complete" entry also appears, and the rewards are slightly different
  • Clearing infestations provides a positive attitude boost to both the player character and the one being assisted.

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