Disturbance at the bridge


Lily replays a message from Sergeant Erik Tan, who is having difficulties crossing the bridges into the army quarantine zone.

Get to the mission marker (which is on easternmost of the two bridges). Once the player arrives, a cutscene will play in which Sgt Tan becomes enraged that the army outpost isn't letting him through. He finally decides to blow up the gates to get through, and has the player join him in checking out the army encampment to the north.

Lead Sgt. Tan and his troops to the destination marker on the map to trigger another cutscene and end the mission.


  • During the mission, the player can take advantage of having a few invincible soldiers to survey the area, setup outposts and loot the army stashes.
  • There is a tower near the crashed helicopter that can be used to survey the area.
  • This mission unlocks the north west portion of the map, allowing access to the town of Fairfield, and the home site Trumbull County Fairgrounds. Note that after this mission is completed, the westmost gate will also be blown open and Army Zombies start appearing all over Trumbull County.

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