For the backup quest with the same name, see Mission: Stranger in Trouble.


This is the mission that introduces the player to the enclave The Grange. For some reason, this mission shares its name with Stranger in Trouble, a repeatable mission that requires player to defend an enclave member against a zombie attack.

Characters involvedEdit


  • After receiving this mission's notice through Lily, the player can proceed to the map marker.
  • At that spot, Bob Macklin and Quentin Barnes are discussing about Jack Ferris, who is still missing. Talk to one of them and agree to help. A few markers will appear on the map marking the potential search locations.
  • After locating Jack, drive all three of them to a new marker, which is their home base, The Grange. Their leader, Becca Collins, greets them gruffly and chides Jack for risking the security of the enclave.


  • Becca mentions men with guns checking out the store while they were gone, foreshadowing future events.
  • Finishing this mission unlocks the Construction Advice Radio Command

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