Characters involvedEdit


The player will be contacted by Ray, who asks him to meet him once more. This time, Ray asks if the player would help him by delivering some car parts to a nearby Enclave. To get there, Ray suggests they take the "sweet ride" (a High-End Exotic) out on a test drive.

As the player drives to the meeting place indicated on the map, Ray will talk a little about the past, and then suggest the player run over a few zombies in the fields that they're driving through.

Once the zombies are killed, Ray will once again redirect the player to drive to their original destination. Once there, Ray will exchange the goods with Dennis Cross.  Ray gives the car they used to get there as a gift to the player, and the mission ends. 


  • This appears to be the final mission with Ray in it, however, he can still be visited at the courthouse afterwards.
  • Should the car be destroyed during this mission, a message will indicate failure and the Radio Command will not be unlocked.
  • In the missions.xml file, this and the An Elevated Perspective missions are in the same mission category as the Courthouse Missions, named "Police Arc" in the file.


  • Ray shows the player the "sweet ride".
  • Ray making the delivery

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