Collect explosives from the armory.


This mission is the second of three final storyline missions for the game.

Sergeant Erik Tan contacts the player and mentions that the explosives needed to destroy the wall are being kept in a warehouse within the Fairgrounds. A destination marker is placed on the player's map. Shortly after that, Lily tells the player that the warehouse is very heavily infested with zombies.

Upon arriving at mission marker, the player will be joined by 3 soldiers including Sgt. Tan. Make way through the maze of the fairgrounds to the warehouse, fighting zombies along the way. Once the warehouse is cleared, Sgt. Tan collects the explosives and the mission ends.


  • Prior to continuing this mission, it is suggested that the player stock up on weapons and items needed for an extended fight with the undead, including special zeds. A few Ferals and Juggernauts might spawn during the mission.
  • It is possible to complete the mission by staying back and let the invincible NPCs do all the work.
  • If the player wishes, they can drive a car into the fairgrounds and use it to thin out the number of zombies swarming the area. A gap in the fence to the left of the fairground entrance allows easy access to much of the mission area.
  • With the new Rucks in Trucks addition, any car that the player drives to the mission can be used to carry additional supplies they wish to use for the mission.

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State of Decay - "The Armory" - Live Mission Commentary on the Final 3 Missions Part 2 of 3

State of Decay - "The Armory" - Live Mission Commentary on the Final 3 Missions Part 2 of 3