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In the mission The Old Farmhouse, the player is required to visit the Wilkerson farmhouse to bring back Doc Hanson to help with Ed's wounds. Before the doctor can go, however, he needs to treat Eli's wound while a large crowd of zombies converge on the farmhouse.

Get to the Wilkerson Farm and talk to Job. Afterwards, head inside and start barricading the windows. Job will defend the first floor while Mickey stays upstairs shooting at them with his rifle.

There will be 2-3 waves of zombies attacking the farmhouse, accompanied by 1-2 Juggernauts. After each wave Job or Mickey will note that they have a few moments to prepare.

After the last attacking zombie is killed, a cutscene is played where Doc Hanson tells the two remaining brothers that Eli does not make it. They both refuse to shoot his brother to prevent reanimation, which result in the player character volunteering to do it. Everyone leaves the room and the player is required to execute Eli, which can be done with with a firearm, melee attack or grenade. After Eli is shot the mission is completed


  • +30 Influence
  • +35 Trust with these survivors
  • Community Reputation Improved
  • +25 Fame (Slaughter)



  • Before heading to the farmhouse, if the player intends to fight their way through the mission, it is recommended that they follow Lily's advice and equip themselves properly: a durable melee weapon, a firearm (preferrably a rifle, assault rifle or shotgun) with 1-2 stacks of ammo, 1 stack of health and stamina item.
  • It is recommended that the player does not use the Wilkerson Private Reserve molotov cocktail if they are not familiar with throwing weapons. It is quite easy to accidentally setting self or allies on fire, losing health and/or trust.

Defending from inside the houseEdit

  • Shoot at the zombies attacking the barricades. Note that the middle barricade need to be shot out first before the player can shoot at the zombies. Try to keep most of the barricades up (1-2 bars) to not get overwhelmed by zombies crawling in through all the windows. Kill any zombie that gets inside the house.
  • When the Juggernaut starts smashing the barricades, do not attempt to keep up the barricades. Stay back and kill any zombies that get inside. Shoot the Juggernaut whenever possible.

Defending from outside the houseEdit

  • If the player is confident and well equipped, he/she can go outside to defend the house and finish the mission more quickly. When the zombies are concentrated on destroying the barricade or pounding on the door, they often ignore the player, who can shoot them in the heads with ease. The only threats come from zombies approaching from the surrounding area, which will target the player, and the Juggernaut.
  • For the "new comer" zombies: either shoot and kill all of them, or kill them with the Wilkerson's moonshine casks (barrels) scattered near the house. When shot at, the casks violently explode and stay burning for a short period of time.
  • For the Juggernaut: The player can briefly stay inside the house to safely shoot at it. Also, the moonshine casks work wonder against the beast.


  • All NPC allies in this mission (and most missions) are unkillable, so the player character can simply stay upstairs and let Job and Mickey deal with the zombies (even the Juggernauts). However, by doing this the player will miss the 25 fame bonus for "Slaughter".


  • This mission has a similar format to a Besieged mission. Also similar to this mission, the Juggernaut can sometimes glitch inside the house.
  • After the mission is completed, Doc Hanson will show up at the player's Home Site to treat Ed's wound. Ed will recover soon after that.
  • Right when the mission is completed, two random NPC's are spawned into the Wilkerson's group.
  • There is a bug appearing on both Xbox and PC, where completing this quest will cause Ed to be listed as "Dead" in the mission log causing it to fail. He will still be alive at your base, taking up a bed and food, but the Doc will never appear to heal him, nor can you kill him. The only solution to this bug is to live with it, or to restart a fresh game. If you are backing up savegames the bug seems to always happen in that game. 5/5 tests had the bug. Restarts ranged from the ranger station, to miscellaneous saves all showed the bug. Only a fresh restart fixed it.


  • Mickey takes up position on the second floor's balcony
  • Doc Hanson trying to save Eli
  • The Juggernaut can sometimes glitch inside the house
  • Moonshine casks make short work of Juggernauts, zombies, and ally trust
  • Doc visiting Ed after the mission


State of Decay "Army Sighting" and "The Old Farmhouse" Mission Playthrough with Live Commentary-2(17:07)
The Old Farmhouse mission starts at 2:20
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