"Sam and Alan are waiting at the clinic. I'll put up with Alan if it means getting the meds."

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  • Mission Starts
  • Mission End
  • Vet clinic marked on map
Follow the marker to the Veterinary Clinic. You can drive to the Fork in the Road Diner, then jump out and get there, or drive right up to save time. Your action only slightly changes Alan's dialog and nothing else.

Alan tells you to go in first, and Sam gives you an Improvised Suppressors. Either jump through a window or bash open the door, then head inside. Once it's clear inside Alan and Sam will begin gathering, the Gathering Meter fills up gradually. Since it stops whenever a zombie is inside the building, you must assist your allies to kill them off for the mission to progress.

After a while, your allies will finish searching and ready to head home. If you want, search all the containers here for health items and loot a rucksack of medicine.

Alan and Sam insist you continue on foot to avoid zombies; in fact, if you get in a car they won't follow you. When you are about halfway back, Sam says her rucksack is breaking apart then asks you to find a vehicle and drive her home so that she doesn't lose half of the medicine before getting home. Alan throws a fit and heads off on his own on foot.

Find a car, pick up Sam, and head back to base to finish the mission.


  • 35 Influence
  • 15 Medicine
  • 25 Fame (Flawless): If the player does not let any zombies inside the Vet Clinic until Sam and Alan finish gathering medicine


  • As Sam and Alan are invincible in this mission, taking them to clear Hordes, Infestations or engage zombies on the way is a good way to level up your skills. When possible, compliment Sam as she kills off zombies to gain her Trust.
  • At this point, two new missions will open up, Mission: Army Sighting and Mission: Lily's Brother.


Lily: (radio) I'm sending Alan and Sam to meet you at the clinic.
Player: Alan? Gee, thanks.
Lily: (radio) It was that, or let him stay here and keep grumbling about kicking you and Ed out.
Player: Point.

Alan and Sam waiting

Alan: (radio) Goddammit, how long are we supposed to wait around here with our thumbs up our asses?
Alan: (radio) Do me a favor and don't come driving up like a dumbass.
Sam: (radio) What Alan's trying to say is Cars make noise. Zeds like noise.
Sam: (radio) Plus, cars don't exactly grow on trees, and we only got so much fuel to keep them running. So we gotta be careful about when we use 'em.

The player arrives

Alan: About time you showed up. Let's get this show on the road. You're the newbie, so you get to bust the window in.
Sam: The door will make less noise. Or, hey, you could do it like a total fucking idiot. Up to you.
Alan: Just get us inside.

Inside the vet clinic

Alan: All right, hop to it. Let's get this done and get the hell out. Try to keep the zombies outside, huh?
Sam: And who the hell put you in charge?
Alan: How about years of experience on the beat? Huh, how's that grab you?
Sam: I didn't realize the Department of Fish and Wildlife counted as a 'beat.'
Alan: Laugh if you want, I'm still the only law enforcement officer on duty in this town.
Sam: Yeah, and if we gotta deal with any zombie trout, you'll be the first motherfucker I call.

Some time while gathering medicine

Sam: Goddamn motherfucking piece of shit!
Alan: What's wrong?
Sam: Hole in my fucking rucksack.
Alan: So tape it shut and keep loading.

Gathering complete

Sam: That's it, let's ditch this bitch and go home.
Alan: Let's hoof it, people. Stay low and stay quiet.
Alan: Bad enough we gotta make this charity run, let's not waste all our damn ammo to boot.

Outside the vet clinic

Sam: Try to keep out of their line of sight. Zeds'll come check out just about anything louder than a solid smack on the head, but their eyesight's for shit.
Sam: If they can't see you, they can't eat you.
Alan: Will you two shut up and get moving? I'm not getting paid to babysit.
Sam: Well, excuse me all to hell for trying to keep the newbie alive.

Sam's rucksack broken

Sam: Mother fuck! This piece of shit rucksack's coming apart at the seams!
Sam: At this rate I'm gonna lose half this shit before we get home!
Player: I'll go find us a ride.
Alan: No, goddammit! Cars are too dangerous, just leave it!
Sam: Kiss my ass, Alan! Lily needs these meds.
Alan: Fuck you!

On the way home with Sam

Player: So... Alan, huh?
Sam: Yeah.
Sam: He's a shithead, but look on the bright side. He's only about half as stupid as he looks.
Sam: Plus he's not half bad in a fight.

At home

Sam: We got your (SY-klo-fo-FOSS-fa-mide) cyclophophosphamide, Lily. I didn't see any of that metho-whatever.
Player: Hey! You said we were getting antibiotics for Ed.
Sam: Relax. We got those too.
Player: What the hell is going on here?
Lily: Okay, look. I've got this condition. Lupus? It's chronic. No cure. Without medication...
Lily: Your friend needs antibiotics, I need medicine, so I kinda... sent you to a place you might find both.
Player: So, you used me.
Lily: I didn't-
Player: Just let me know when you find the Doc.


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