"I'm not sure I trust these people, but at least they're not trying to kill us on sight."


M-the voice-comp-det
After you climbed up from the riverbank, you will find a Station Wagon conveniently parked nearby. Get in it and follow the marker to the church. There are several locations off the main road you can search and loot if you like (two warehouses and one abandoned site near the starting area), but at this point, you are unlikely to have any inventory space left.

On the way, Lily describes to you the events before the start of the game. Keep following the marker and make a left at the Bronto Gas Station to head to the Church Of The Ascension.

As you arrive, you will be greeted by Lily Ritter, Alan Gunderson and Pastor William Mulroney. The mission ends at this point.



  • Before you have a homebase, you cannot loot resources. The only available option is "Break open".
  • It is impossible to switch character during this mission.
  • It is recommended that you find and clear any infestation before heading to the church, taking advantage of having two immortal allies as backup to rack up Fighting, Leadership and Powerhouse skills (if playing as Marcus).


After the player crosses the river

Marcus: We're headed your way. You said you were holed up in a church? What the hell's happening around here?   
Lily: (radio,  surprised) You haven't heard?
Marcus: No cell reception up at the lake. Guess you could say we've been out of the loop.  
Marcus: All we know is a bunch of crazy people tried to eat us.  
Lily: (radio) It started,  what, 12,  13 days ago? At first it was just weird stories on the news. ,
Lily: (radio) Random maulings,  violent incidents at hospitals,  black helicopters in the sky... just strange stuff. 
Lily: (radio) I guess they were trying to keep it quiet,  but that didn't last too long. People figured it out pretty quick.
Lily: (radio) People who die... they don't stay dead. They come back as one of those things.  
Ed: (aside to you, vindicated) I told you that guy was dead.
Lily: (radio) Seems like the only way to stop them for good is with a shot to the head. Anything else,  they just keep coming.
Marcus: So you're saying those things are zombies?  
Lily: (radio) (listing off increasingly improbably options) I don't know. Maybe it's some kind of messed up super-virus. Maybe it's radiation from outer space,  or black magic or... or the Wrath of almighty God.
Lily: (radio) Your guess is as good as mine.  
Marcus: So,  wait a minute. What's the government's response to all this? Haven't they sent in the National Guard or something?
Lily: (radio) The government? You don't get it; it's been total chaos.  
Lily: (radio) At first,  they told us just to stay home,  lock our doors,  and wait for the all-clear. ,
Lily: (radio) Then the power died. No one ever sounded the all-clear. 

On the way to the church

Lily: (radio) So... how'd you end up on this frequency?   
Marcus: Just lucky,  I guess. It was pretty chaotic up at the lake.
Ed: (aside to player) You're not going to tell her?  
Marcus: I don't know yet.  
Ed: (aside to player) Dude,  it's her dad.
Marcus: You want to confess that we killed her father and stole his radio before they patch you up?  
Ed: Yeah,  okay,  maybe leave that part out. 

Near Spencer's Mill

Marcus: Okay,  I see Spencer's Mill up ahead.
Lily: (radio) Great. Your first left will take you right to the church.  
Lily: (radio) I mean... straight to the church. I mean... you know what I mean.

As the mission ends

Alan: (disapproving,  calling to Lily) Lily! You invite these strangers?
Lily: Good. You made it.  
Alan: That one doesn't look so good.  
Ed: (cheerful cluelessness) Name's Ed. Pleased to meet you.  
Pastor Will: Come with me,  son. We'll see to those wounds.
Alan: Goddammit all to hell! We got enough trouble without bringing in another freeloader to use up all our medicine!  
Lily: (pissed that Alan just insulted her indirectly) Real nice,  Alan. I offered them shelter,  I'm letting them in. 
Lily: (Bitter) Us freeloaders have to stick together.  
Alan: (Muttering) Girl's got the common sense God gave a tree stump. Worse than her brother.  
Lily: Come on. I'll give you the nickel tour.

Next Mission: Home Sweet Home

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