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The Wall is the final storyline mission in State of Decay. It involves destroying the concrete wall blocking the only way out of Trumbull Valley to escape.

Before this mission, two (randomly chosen) survivors in the player's community will become unavailable. Upon getting to the mission area, the player will find these two there with Sergeant Erik Tan. In the first phase of the mission, the player has to defend Sgt. Tan from zombies as he plants the explosives on the wall. After the attacking zombies have been killed, he tells everyone to clear the blast radius and triggers the explosives. However, the explosive does not work and Sgt. Tan has to figure out the problem.

Again, the player will need to defend Sgt Tan while he fiddles with the explosives. After the second wave is fended off, Erik concludes that the detonator has malfunctioned, and the explosives cannot be detonated from a safe distance. He then volunteers to manually detonate it, saying he is dying, and that he is the only one capable of doing it anyway.

Sgt Tan then tells everyone to stay back and destroys the wall, sacrificing himself. As the smoke clears, the player sees corpses and destroyed cars, implying the outbreak has already spread outside Trumbull Valley.

The screen then fades to black, the achievement pops up and the credits start rolling. The game ends at this point.


  • The number and variety of zombies in this mission are random. Most of the time, at least one Juggernaut and one Feral will show up.
  • After completing the mission and back to title screen, the player can choose to Continue the game, and State of Decay will load just prior to the final mission being started. However, two survivors chosen for the final mission will be "On a mission" forever
  • Some players have reported all Enclave supply lockers being empty before this mission.

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