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Talk to the ally carrying the resource to start the mission. A marker then appears at a random location on the map. Escort your ally there, clear the area of zombies and let them (your ally and a member of a neighboring Enclave) do the trading. Afterwards, escort the ally home to complete the mission.


  • +10 Influence for the day (plus influence gains for mission progress)
  • +Trust with these survivors


  • For the most part of the game, the trade offer is always "Food/Medicine/Fuel/Building Materials for your Ammo". Later on, after you have completed Ray Santos' missions, he might be able to arrange reversed deals for you.
  • If you exit the game and load it, the ally carrying the resource and the trade location are randomized again.
  • Again, this is a good opportunity for a free backup. Take this opportunity to train skills, explore area, clear Hordes and Infestation, or gain some trust with your ally if they aren't your friend already.
  • If the ally dies during this mission, you always lose both the resource intended to trade away and the one you get in return.


State of Decay "Trade Opportunity" Mission Playthrough w Commentary07:44

State of Decay "Trade Opportunity" Mission Playthrough w Commentary


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