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In State of Decay, there are a wide variety of missions survivors can participate in. Some of these missions progress storyline events, while others are generic events that are randomly generated by the simulation either independently or because of the player's actions. Lily serves as the hub for many of these missions, and will contact survivors by radio when they become available.

Many Storyline Missions appear to be static and do not vary on subsequent playthroughs. Additionally, a story branch will not continue until an available mission has been completed, and starting that mission can be delayed indefinitely until the player is ready to start it. Simulation Missions, however, must be started within a certain period of time, or they will resolve themselves on their own (possibly with survivors dying, loss of morale, etc.) and that instance will no longer be available to the player.

Storyline MissionsEdit

Simulation MissionsEdit

  • Zed Hunt
  • Clear an Infestation
  • Strangers in Need
  • Friend in Trouble
  • Under Siege
  • Evidence of Scavengers
  • Combat Training
  • Trading Goods
  • Having A Talk
  • Mercy Shot

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