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Outposts are structures that improve home site security and provide a relatively safe spot for characters to evade zombie hordes and resupply. Each home site has a maximum number of slots for outposts (from 4 to 8, the Busted RV in Breakdown has 2); usually, the bigger the base, the more outposts it can support.


  • Resource Cache - Reduces the player's daily consumption for that particular resource by 3, but increases daily consumption of Construction Materials by 1. For example:
    • Original daily consumption: -15 Food/day, -5 Material/day
    • Player creates 1 Food outpost
    • Daily consumption becomes: -12 Food/day, -6 Material/day
    • Player creates 2 more Food outposts
    • Daily consumption becomes: -6 Food/day, -8 Material/day
    • Player creates 1 Material outpost
    • Daily consumption becomes: -6 Food/day, -6 Material/day (As 1 Material is consumed to make 3 Materials, leaving the gain only 2)
  • Supply Locker - A place to resupply without traveling all the way home.
  • Safe Haven - 15% chance of missing allies coming home safely on their own. (The percentage for the warehouse outposts. Unclear if different base outposts have different percentage increases).

Using OutpostsEdit

Creating outpostsEdit

  • To create an outpost, the player must fully search a building and clear it of zombies. Afterwards, select the "Establish Outpost" option from the Radio menu (which costs 50 influence). After a few moments, a Supply Locker will appear in the building. This locker is used to store weapons and items similar to the base, but does not allow depositing resources (that can only be done at home site).
  • If the location is outdoor, or too small to reinforce, then it is not possible to turn in into an outpost.

Safe ZoneEdit

  • An outpost has a radius around it where zombies never spawn in known as a "Safe Zone"; it is also automatically armed with fire traps. If a horde (not single zombies) gets inside the Safe Zone, the traps will activate and destroy the horde. Safe Zone radius can be increased temporarily (2 real time hour) at a cost of 1 fuel and 1 influence.

Resource CacheEdit

  • If an outpost is established at a location where some resources remain (the Ammo/Food/ Fuel/ Material/ Medicine icon depicted on the map once the building is fully searched), that outpost will automatically produce a small amount of that resource per (real-time) day, reducing the daily consumption (known as the Resource Cache bonus, it is unclear how long this bonus lasts).
  • Outposts can only produce one type of resource, even if more than one type is found at a location. The resource produced will be the first type available alphabetically, so Ammo>Food>Fuel>Material>Medicine. If a specific type of resource is preferred, remove the other resources first before establishing the outpost.
  • After the outpost is established the resources can be looted without affecting the outpost type (e.g. a medicine outpost will remain as so after all the medicine is looted).
  • If an empty building is selected as an outpost (or its resource depleted), the outpost icon becomes a Fort icon (similar to Enclave icon, but green), and the outpost will produce Ammo daily.

Available ActionsEdit

  • Set traps for passing hordes - Cost: 1 Fuel, 1 Influence

    Increases protected range around the outpost. Effect lasts 2 real time hours. After destroying horde(s) the traps will automatically re-arm after 1 minute. If this ability is activated it affects for all currently held outposts.

  • Abandon Outpost - Surrender this location to the zeds. (Takes one minute)


  • A popular placement of outposts is spending 2-4 outposts covering the main streets leading to the player's Home Sites; as Hordes tend to move along the street, these outpost will greatly reduce danger of Hordes attacking home, while the Watch Tower takes care of lone zombies. The remaining outposts would be placed at choice locations for exploration of buildings, deposit spot at scavenging zones, or eliminating dense horde areas.
  • Placing outposts ahead of bridges, especially in the west of Marshall, is especially useful in limiting horde movement past bridges.
  • Spreading outposts apart and setting their traps can allow an entire area to be free of zombies. Doing this at the Savini Residence and Snyder Trucking Warehouse can make the entire west area of Marshall free of zombies. The same can be done at the fair grounds.


  • Occasionally, no locker will spawn inside an outpost, or spawns outside instead of inside. This usually happens with outpost establish at smaller structures.
  • It is possible to know exactly which outpost to abandon. Outpost number is displayed on the map when the player hovers the cursor over them (from Outpost #1 to Outpost #8). This number corresponds to the order of that outpost in the Home Site's outpost slot in the Base Management Screen. For example, if player wants to abandon an outpost near Church of the Ascension, open the map and hover the mouse over that outpost. Say that outpost is Outpost #4. Open Base Management Screen and select the 4th outpost from the left, then select the Abandon Outpost option.

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