The Marshall Police Station provided the town of Marshall and the surrounding Trumbull Valley with police protection. In the wake of the zombie outbreak, much of the Department's equipment is scattered around the valley or has been abandoned at its police station.

A number of county Sheriff Department police cruisers are scattered around Trumbull Valley, often at the sites of large road accidents. They have most likely been there since the outbreak. It is understood that the remaining members of the Marshall Police force and any county Sheriffs trapped in the Valley have retreated to the County Court House in Marshall and have secured it under the orders of the local magistrate, Judge Lawton. Given the prevalence of S.W.A.T. zombies in the Valley, it is likely that these officers represent most if not all of the surviving police in the Trumbull area.


The Marshall Police station is located on main street in east Marshall near the second major intersection away from the courthouse. A fenced-in parking lot, usually containing one or two sheriff's vehicles, is behind the station. A donut shop is next door.

Like most buildings on main street, the Police Department is a two-story building. Entry can be gained from either the front door on main street or via the fire escape on the back of the building. Entering or exiting the building using the fire escape will, however, necessitate breaking through a window, which will create noise and can attract nearby zombies.

Opportunities and RisksEdit

The Police Department building is searchable, although this will take some time as there are a large number of containers within, spread across two floors. Although items are randomly generated, as with other buildings in State of Decay, weapons and ammunition supplies are commonly found in the department building. A stash or two of bulk ammunition supplies can typically be found in the police building, providing a much-needed infusion for survivor colonies.

Zombie activity is considerable in the area, as the police department building is in the middle of downtown, surrounded by multi-story buildings. Would-be scavengers would do well to run several passes down main street in a crashworthy vehicle, using the horn to attract zombies and deal with them with the vehicle before dismounting and proceeding to the building. As with all areas, there is a risk of Feral zombies in the police department building. Careful searchers can use the back fire escape to recon the building before making entry.


  • Concept Art
  • police station in Danforth

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