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Character Info
QuentinBarnes Quentin Barnes

About as big-hearted and generous as they come. If it were up to him, he'd hand out all the food in the store to anybody who needed it; that's just what people do in a crisis, right?

Traits Kind, Foreman, Absent-Minded
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Construction
Inventory Shovel, 10/22

(Breakdown) Tomahawk, 10/22, Snack (x1)

Relations Unknown
  • Quentin Barnes is a non-player character that is part of the enclave The Grange. He has a crush on Becca Collins who also lives at the Grange. The player's actions can determine the fate of their relationship, and the fate of the enclave itself.
  • In the DLC Breakdown, he becomes a playable character, keeping his name, description and traits, though he does not unlock the Construction Advice Radio Command.

Missions Involving the characterEdit


  • Becca Collins: After a particularly harrowing supply run, she and Quentin got drunk and had a one night stand. She didn't think much of it, but Quentin expressed a desire to pursue a relationship. The player's action (specifically, during the mission Bad Tidings) can determine the outcome of their relationship, as well as enclave's eventual fate.

Special: Construction AdviceEdit

  • After saving Quentin in the mission Stranger In Trouble, this radio command is unlocked. In Breakdown DLC, this radio command does not seem to be available.


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