The Recreational Vehicle (or RV) is a temporary home site and a key component of the Breakdown DLC.

Description Edit



Trumbull Valley (random)

Built-in Facilities

Radio room

Parking Spaces




Open Facility Slots


After the player finishes a Breakdown level, the vehicle will become the starting point for the next level. It breaks down randomly at one of the locations throughout Trumbull Valley (usually, one of the "Potential Home Sites" marked on the map).

The RV temporarily serves as a home site, until the player locates and occupies one of the seven "permanent" home sites. At this point, it can no longer be interacted with.


Base storage capacityEdit

  • Daily Rations of Food - 15
  • Cases of Medicine - 15
  • Cases of Ammunition - 15
  • Construction Materials - 30
  • Barrels of Fuel - 15


  • The license plate for the RV reads G3T-4WY which is a reference to the RV being the "Getaway" from Trumbull Valley.


  • The RV as seen from the exterior.
  • RV floorplan.

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