Red Talon PMC

Red Talon PMC
"Will Kill Zombies For Food"


US Military

Operating Areas:


Red Talon Executive Security is a Private Military Contractor operating in the US during the zombie outbreak. They are heavily involved in containing the outbreak and assisting evacuations in Danforth, where they set up various facilities such as Artillery sites and Satellite Uplink stations.



During the initial outbreak in Danforth, Satellite Uplinks and other facilities are set up to provide assistance to the military as well as Red Talon's own personnel. After Danforth is overrun, the military supposedly pulled out and Red Talon is forced to abandon its equipment. This equipment is fully functional and can be used by the main characters.


  • Leon Montague and Zeika Rivera have cameos as Red Talon members; they occasionally show up when the player uses the PMC Reinforcements radio option.
  • Red Talon deploys its own variant of the M14 called M14 Talon DMR.


  • Red Talon Comm Station
  • A table full of guns near a Red Talon uplink
  • A Red Talon facility (Satellite Uplink)
  • A cameo appearance of Zeika Rivera via PMC Reinforcements

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