Relocate Home Base (RHB)Edit

"HOME. Moves your home base from its current home site to the home site you are currently standing inside."
Relocate Home Base is a radio call in State of Decay and Breakdown. It is used to turn the home site the player is standing inside into the home base.

Settle Home Base (SHB)Edit

"HOME. Settle your home base in the home site you are currently standing inside."
Settle Home Base is only available in Breakdown. It is used to establish home base at the home site the player is standing inside, or move in with an enclave currently residing at that home site.


  • In State of Decay, RHB is unlocked after the player completes mission Home Away From Home.
  • In Breakdown, RHB is available before the player is settled in a proper home site (i.e at the beginning of each level).


  • Cost: 100 Influence
  • Stack: 1
  • Recharge Time: 60 minutes


The radio call can be done by standing inside a potential homesite, press the [Radio Menu] button, then choose the appropriate option The radio call cannot be done in the following cases:

  • Player is not in a building
  • Building is infested
  • Building is not a home site
  • Building is inhabited by an enclave
  • Player is inside current home
  • The number of outposts the player has exceeds number of outposts supported by new home base


  • Facilities and their upgrades is not carried over to the new home base. If the player moves back to a previously upgraded home site, they still have to build and upgrade facilities from scratch.

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