"Master the use of Revolvers"

After reaching level 4 in Shooting, a survivor can choose this specialization to improve their effectiveness when using Revolvers.


"It's not rocket science: you want to improve your Revolver Specialization, you've got to dust off the old six-shooter and kill some zeds."

  • Revolver Specialization is trained by killing zombies with a revolver. This skill's XP gain rate seems unaffected by traits and facility bonuses, unlike Shooting.


  • According to game file, each single kill gives 10 points, and Multi Kill and Headshot Streak each gives a bonus of 20 points.

Specialization DetailsEdit


  • Default (level 1) bonus to Stopping Power is +14%
  • The "points" part is data taken from game file (presumably XP requirement). Needs more testing.
  • For each level of Revolver Specialization, the player is rewarded with 1 Fame.
Level Points Description Benefits
2 200

The trusty Saturday Night Special. Just as handy on Sundays.

  • Stopping Power +28%
3 200

Reach for it, Mister!

  • Stopping Power +42%
4 200 My mama always said these things were the Devil's right hand.
  • Stopping Power +57%
5 300 Just once I'd like to have a showdown at high noon...
  • Stopping Power +71%
6 300 Did I fire six shots, or just five?
  • Stopping Power +85%
7 300 I'm your huckleberry.
  • Stopping Power +100%

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