"The AK47s older sister.  Bayonet removed."


  • Accuracy: 3
  • Durability: 4
  • Noise: 5
  • Recoil: 4
  • Can Equip Suppressor
  • No Equipped Scope
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.
  • Type: Rifle
  • Ammo Type: 7.62mm
  • Ammo Capacity: 10

Item ListEdit

The following item lists contain this item

Note: S=State of Decay storyline; B=Breakdown; L=Lifeline


  • The SKS was developed by Sergei Simonov and was designed to be the main service rifle of the USSR. It was soon replaced by the newer AK-47 assault rifle. Today, it is popular on the civillian market in many countries due to its low price and reliability; part of this is also due to being widely available in the form of Chinese surplus models.



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