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Character Info
Lt.SaraEmery Sara Emery

Her medical training has made her hyper-vigilant about her own health and diet.

Traits Basic Training, Paramedic, Fitness Guru, Vegan, Reservist
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Medicine, Fitness Guru
Inventory Escrima Stick, Model 1903
Relations Unknown

Lieutenant Sara Emery is a playable character introduced in the DLC Lifeline. While her name is randomized in each playthrough, Sara Emery is the name used in the game's file.

The player first encounters her alongside Julene Horn, and has to escort them back to Black Friday.

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  • She has both Medicine and Fitness Guru skills, which makes her a very valuable character among many players.
  • While her rank isn't told in-game, it is revealed that she is a Lieutenant upon examination of the characters.xml.

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Sara Emery