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While certain resources or items can be created once appropriate facilities have been built, the majority of resources, weapons, ammo and consumable items can only be acquired by searching various containers in buildings, orchards, fields, campsites.

Searching increases the Wits skill, and a higher Wits, in turn, improve how quickly and quietly a survivor can search.

Item spawn mechanicEdit

  • The game has a specific number of locations that can be searched (called "Sites")
  • Each site has a list of containers (called "Props"). For example, an End Table can appear in a House, but not at the middle of an open Field.
  • Each props has a list of resources and items it can store (called Item List). Each item list has a minimum, maximum amount and chance of appearing
  • Each Item List contains a list of item/resource. Each item/resource in the list has its own minimum, maximum amount and chance of appearing.
  • When a new game is started, it is randomly determined which of these props become searchable. When the player searches, it is randomly decided which item list appears, and which item in the list appears

Search mechanicEdit

To search a container, press and hold the Interact button (Y in XBox and E in PC). A quick search can be done by holding the [Sprint] button while searching.

Searchable containers are visually distinct from other containers in that they glow slightly. This glow is much more noticeable at night than during the day. Once a container has been completely searched, it stops glowing, and when all items have been removed, its appearance will change to look empty.

Items remain in containers until taken away. Also, they can only be taken out of the containers, not the other way around.

Searching noiseEdit

Searching, like most activities done by survivors, can cause noise and potentially draw zombies. There are at least 4 levels of noise:

  • No noise (normal search using a character with high Wits)
  • Low noise (normal search)
  • Medium noise (possible when fast search). The character will comment "I can't believe the zombies didn't hear that" or some similar phrases.
  • Loud noise (possible when fast search). A loud crash is heard and a prompt will pop up on the screen reading "That was loud." Also, the character will note "That's gonna bring trouble."

Each level of noise has its own radius and draws zombie within the appropriate range. Loud noise, in addition to drawing whichever zombies close by, also spawns zombies around the searched area.


  • As always, it is significantly safer to have one or more AI-controlled characters as backup when searching. They can be "hired" to follow the player (which cost 100 Influence), or "hijacked" from missions.
  • Close all doors to slow down intruding zombies. Barricading windows are useful, but time consuming and thus depends on player's discretion.
  • If the survivor causes a loud noise while searching, quickly leave the area. Distraction/diversion items can be useful on these occasions. If a fight is inevitable, the player should stay in a defensible position with choke points if possible, but with a window nearby to escape if necessary.
  • Try to park a car in front of the house for a quick and safe getaway means.

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