Character Info
Shark Hoodie Guy portrait Shark Hoodie Guy (The Ninja)

We're pretty sure that isn't his real name. But we're afraid to say anything. You never know when he might be standing behind you.

Traits Loner, Weekend Ninja, Eagle-Eyed, Hero
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting,
Inventory Wakizashi, Short Wakizashi, MPX
Character Info
Shark Hoodie Guy portrait Rick Ford

Specializes in clogged drains and right hooks

Traits Braggart, Plumber, Studied Boxing, A Pack A Day
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Construction
Inventory Wrench

Shark Hoodie Guy is one of the unlockable hero characters in the DLC Breakdown, known as "The Ninja". His character model is similar to the recruitable character Rick Ford in the original State of Decay, but his description, traits and skills are completely different.

Unlocking the characterEdit

To unlock the Shark Hoodie Guy, kill 50 zombies with stealth kills at Level 5 Breakdown or higher. In the original game a random guy with this appearance (but regular traits) may appear at Wipeout event (when population drops to 6 people and one of them dies).


  • Weekend Ninja gives the character maxed out wits.
  • This is one of the few heroes that have random names. Many of his names are references to UndeadLab's forum members and Steam Users, presumably as a way of the developers showing their thanks for their contribution to the game's development. The discussion thread can be viewed here.


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