9x19mm .40SW .45ACP 5.7x28mm 5.56x45mm .300Winchester 2.75-12ga 3-12ga

Shotgun Shell

General Information
"For shotguns."
Item Information
Weight 0.14
Influence Cost 1
Technical Specifications
Firearms Used In Shotguns

"For shotguns"

Shotgun shells are a type of ammunition found in State of Decay. They are used by all the shotguns featured in the game and its addons, and it isn't used by any other firearm which isn't shotgun as of current time.

Item ListEdit

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Note: S = State of Decay Storyline; B= Breakdown; L= Lifeline


  • Shotgun Shells can be found in various containers (such as backpacks, gun cabinets in houses or gunshops) or acquired by breaking open an Ammo Crate. Some recruitable Enclaves also have these in their lockers, which are restocked daily.
  • Shotgun Shells are based on 12-gauge Shotgun shells.


Shotgun shells

Infocard of the Shotgun Shells, as seen in-game.