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A sleeping area allows survivors to rest, remove Tired status and and regain their max stamina.
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Facility BonusesEdit

Sleeping AreaEdit

"A Sleeping Area helps combat Sleep Deprivation. Can be upgraded to Bunkhouse with actual Beds"

  • Cots and Futons - +50% chance of preventing sleep deprivation.


"The more people we have, the more beds we need. This'll give us a few more places to sleep"

  • Beds: Provides +8 beds
  • Good Night's Sleep - Increases Everyone's Stamina by 10. (MUST HAVE A BED FOR EVERYONE!)


(Most homesites has this facility pre-built)

  • Beds: Provides +8 Beds.
  • Good Night's Sleep - Increases Everyone's Stamina by 10. (Must Have a Bed for Everyone!)


  • Outdoor Bedroom
  • Outdoor Bunkhouse
  • Bedroom in Snyder Trucking warehouse (In disarray)
  • Bedroom in Snyder Trucking Warehouse (cleaned up)

Sleeping AreaEdit


  • 25 Building Materials
  • 3 Influence
  • Build time: 1 hour
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