Using smart tactics can mean the difference between life and death. Here are some helpful tactics that might help you survive an extra day.


Scavenging is a major part of the game. You need to have enough food, medicine, ammo, materials, and fuel to keep your community going. Having an effective tactic to successfully scavenge is key to keeping your character alive.

When you enter a house, close doors behind you. Zombies aren't smart enough to use the handle. Instead, they'll try to bash the door open, which creates such a clatter that you'll have a few moments to prepare.

Boarding up windows is also clever. Again, loud grunting and clawing at the windows should give you enough time to get your trusty shovel prepared for some skull cracking.

Don't use torches/flashlights in houses. They attract zombies. You'll never need a torch/flashlight to search for something in a container.

Have an escape plan. If you didn't notice the moaning and clawing at the boarded up windows, and if you happen to ignore the sound of a zombie shredding your door, then you know exactly what to do, and you will survive. Vehicles can make for a quick getaway, but don't forget to check if any zeds followed you when you drove up!

If there are more resources at a location than you can carry in a single rucksack, then you can radio back home to call for other survivors to help scavenge. If you're in a scary neighborhood, you may want to wait for your fellow survivor to show up so that you can escort them back home. Safety in numbers!


Driving is a great way to travel quickly and relatively safely, but you don't want to find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a busted car and hordes of zombies shuffling your way. You might wish you stayed at home. Here are a few tips to have a pleasant and safe post-apocalyptic driving experience.

Stick to the roads, as the uneven ground can cause the car to flip, throwing you out and leaving you to fend for yourself. Besides, even though it's the end of the world, we still want to be defensive drivers, right?

The faster you drive, the more noise you make. If there are lots of zeds around and you're not in the best shape to take them out, then you'll want to ease up on the gas.

Be aware that careening into lots of zombies will damage your vehicle, which can cause it to stop working altogether. If your hood is smoking, you might want to find a replacement vehicle.

Zombies will follow your car all the way back home if you're not careful. You don't want to do that. What if they kill everyone? You don't want something like that on your conscience.


Be cautious when using firearms without first attaching a suppressor. Firing your gun without a suppressor will attract nearby zombies, which can lead to a grim and gory death. Suppressors can be crafted at home if there is an available workshop, and they can also be found in the world.

Bring plenty of ammo with you, especially if you're heading off on a mission. Running out of ammo is not fantastic when a Juggernaut has your scent. And even though guns are great, always have a melee weapon as backup, just in case you burn through all your bullets.

If there is an infestation of Screamers nearby, try staking out the house from a slight distance. You may be able to see your target through the windows. If you can pick it off at a distance, then cleaning out the rest of the area will be easy as pie. Well, easier, anyway...

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