Overview Edit

Tartan Mini Mart was a network of mini marts before the events of State Of Decay. There are two Tartan Mini Marts in Trumbull Valley, one in Spencer's Mill, and another one in Marshall. In addition, there is one Tartan Mini Mart in Danforth that can be found in the Lifeline DLC, and it is located in Broadway Midtown.

Loot Edit


Tartan Mini Mart, as seen in Marshall.

Tartan Mini Marts usually contain food, however household medicine and low-tier weapons can be found within them.


  • Sheila Brookstone used to run the Tartan Mini Mart in Spencer's Mill before the outbreak.
  • Tartan Mini Marts advertises Haggis Dogs as seen on some of the in-game billboards.
  • There is an incline behind the Tartan Mini Mart in Spencer's Mill that allows convenient navigation into the farm regions.
  • The icon of the Tartan Mini Marts is wearing a tartan kilt (Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours, and is particularly associated with Scotland).


  • Beta picture of Spencer's Mill Tartan Mini Mart
  • Beta picture of Spencer's Mill Tartan Mini Mart

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