The Bruce is an achievement in State of Decay which is rewarded for killing at least three zombies with a single propane tank explosion.


Killing three zombies using a small propane tank, such as those found on gas grills, can be difficult, in part due to the small size of the tank. Rather, the large building-type tanks found adjacent to many industrial buildings can provide an easy way to gain this achievement. With the zombies in the building and the survivor outside, draw attention to the wall closest to the propane tank using either distraction devices (firecrackers, timers, clocks) or a vehicle horn. Once the zombies have clustered against the wall, shooting the tank should destroy at least three, earning the achievement.


  • The name of the Achievement is an homage to the animatronic shark in the film Jaws, also called Bruce. At the end of the film, Jaws is killed when a SCUBA tank it is chewing on is shot by Roy Scheider. Bruce himself was not used in the blast scene, although due to its irritating tendency to malfunction, the film's crew made no secret how much Bruce was hated.

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