Original Chili Dog on stick

Pre Zombie rendition of the West Marshall stand

The Original Chilichonga Dog on a Stick was a network of mobile food carts before the events of State of Decay.


The Original Chilichonga Dog on a Stick is made up of two carts. One is found in West Marshall while the other one is found around the Trumbull County Fairgrounds. At least one Chilighonga Dog on a Stick cart also appears in Danforth in the Lifeline DLC


  • The actual chilichonga dog on a stick (according to the website and the cart itself) is a "one pound chili dog wrapped in a jumbo tortilla, deep fried, and then drenched in queso sauce."
  • There is no actual in game item called chilichonga dog on a stick.
  • The carts aren't enterable nor are searchable.
  • The shown URL on the carts is a website for the supposed product as well as actual merchandise which can be found here:


  • The description of The Original Chilichonga Dog on a Stick, as seen in-game.
  • The Original Chiliconga Dog on a Stick cart as seen in-game.
  • Chili-chonga Dog on a Stock cart seen in the Lifeline DLC