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Character Info
Dr. Thomas Horn Thomas Horn

Might hold the key to curing the zombie plague

Traits No Nonsense, A Pack A Day, Parents Taught College
Skills Cardio, Wits, Fighting, Shooting, Research
Inventory Empty
Relations Julene Horn (Wife, Divorced)

Doctor Thomas Horn is a non-player character in the DLC Lifeline. He is first on the list to be extracted from Danforth due to his role in curing the zombie plague.

Missions Involving CharacterEdit

  • Rescue: Dr. Thomas Horn, PhD


Thomas Horn was previously married  to Julene Horn, the two were divorced, presumably due to his obsession with his work.

Doctor Horn was one of many leading scientists researching Black Fever before its first initial spread. He also worked very closely with the Human Future Fund, handing them his research notes continously.

During the outbreak he was held up in Danforth and the U.S Military attempted to evacuate him. However, he was bitten presumably during the first escape attempt and when he was finally rescued by the player character, he commited suicide after revealing he had been bitten.


  • Doctor Horn believes he is doomed
  • Doctor Horn gives the Major orders of his own
  • Doctor Horn takes his own life
  • Major Hawkes regards the aftermath


While Horn's inventory is empty, he use a Glock-series handgun to commit suicide.