• I alweys get ask if it is full of zeds when i try to move in... When it aint a zed in miles! any ideas?

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    • Could you clarify your question? I can't really understand what you are asking... 

      When clearing out an area, you must have looked in all areas marked with a small blue dot. Multiple story areas, (such as offices) will need all levels to be checked. Once all the blue dots have been removed, the area will do one of two things:

      A. The character will say something like, "I'm not alone in here.", "Better look around some more.", "Maybe I should do one more sweep, just to be safe." etc.. And gray dots will appear on the mini-map. These dots are zombies that must be killed before it will move on to...

      B. The character will say something like, "Area secured.", or "No zeds here." and the surrounding area will be illuminated in white on the mini-map making it a "Secure Area" where no zombies will spawn until a set time has passed while the player is gone.

      If you are trying to establish an outpost in an area, you must first secure the area (explained above) and then have the character "Search" all containers in that area. Though you do not have to take the items it offers, you must have at least completed a "Search" with all objects. All searchable containers will have a light illumination surrounding it, making them easier to spot. 

      When moving into another home site, you must check the location's blue dots, then kill any Grey or Red dot zombies in that area. In order to move to an area, you must have sufficient people in your community to defend the area as you move in, and you must have sufficient materials for your friends to set up defences such as barbed wire. Typically, it will not use all the materials when you move in, but the remaining materials should be used to repair rooms and work stations that already exist.

      I'm not sure if any of this will help, but I hope at least some of it does!

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    • A 1 room building, all searched, with no zeds... still cant set up utpost.

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    • some areas are considered too small to defend and cannot be made into outposts. This is likely the case if it is a one room building.

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    • may i ask. i play on my pc and i been trying to move to a new locations since i have too many people in my current location but every time i go to a posible home site and open my radio it does'nt give me the option to relocate. can any one tell me why?

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    • have you done the jacob ritter mission?

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    • i should have  since i already by the part where i blow up the wall.

      unless i have to find him somewhere else. or if may i ask where do i get that mission

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    • Is Jacob Ritter among your list of survivor?

      - If he is still "Away from Home" with a Busted Leg, then you haven't done the mission Lily's Brother.

      - If you have rescued him, he is in your homesite, and the mission Home Away From Home still does not trigger, then your game is probably bugged. In my game, as soon as he recovers from his wounds (1-2 hours after I rescued him), the mission becomes available.

      - If he is not in your survivor list, then he's probably dead. I'm not sure if the mission Lily's Brother can time out, but if it can and it did time out, then Jacob's dead and you won't be able to get the mission Home Away From Home and relocate.

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