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    08:30, December 17, 2013

    do you always have to wait for a scavenger you called from your home or can je leave the place you want looted and still get what he/she collects?

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    • You can choose. If you want to stay and help defend zombies you can. I usually don't and just take of to continue scavageing. I haven't had one die on me yet doing it this way.

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    • It depends on your location. I almost lost one because she tried to cut through 2 Hoards. Its better to look at that map and decide for yourself. the farther you are from your the base, the more likely you are to lose them. Having outposts nearby also contribute to their survival.

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    • Yes but becareful the scavenger's AI is not the greatest and they will b line it too home so if a horde or any other obsticle is in thier way they either better have good stats or you need to help them.

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    • I haven't run into any problems with them running in to trouble on the way home but for those that have. Does it tell you if they run into a horde or need help or anything? or will they just die and you don't see them again. A little warning would be nice.

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    • I didn't get a warning, just "Marcus had died" 

      I turned my system off at that point and cried.

      If you are going to send a runner make a distraction for them, and clear out the hordes.

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    • Thats good to know. I think for now on I will just escort them back. Unless it's a long run. I vehicle it back and wish them luck.

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    • I've had some problems calling for scavengers over really long distances.  The AI pathfinding thinks the location is always at the ranger station and they never go the the place I call for if the location is outside the small part of town my base is located at.  Its very annoying.

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