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  • Had 12 population starting in warehouse, now down to 4 with 8 ppl showing missing. Every now and then, missing survivor shows up but anyone experiencing this too? At church ppl were running around, now it's lonely at warehouse. Just wondering thanks SS

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    • I normally have one or two missing at a time, with the highest ever being 4.  I wonder if there's some game mechanic that determines how many of your people are out at one time.  It might have something to do with how many beds you have, or if there is a shortage of supplies that makes them keep going out on raids and running into trouble.

      Either way, if they are listed as missing, you should shortly afterwards start getting missions related to missing people or survivors.  Go on those missions right away, retrieve the person, and then they will be back at the base.  It only seems like if you ignore their calls that there's a good chance of them dying or coming back hurt.

      Also, having lots of outposts supposedly increases their chances of coming back on their own successfully.

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    • See my thread called "Too many infestations" for discussions on this subject.

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    • I was under the impression that this issue is related to the problem with infestations and I'm hoping it will be fixed with the title update.  If it's not related, then I'm out of ideas.

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    • It is. I've never had survivors end up missing until it starts saying "Too many infestations". Hell I wouldn't even care if I could find them all easily. Its not being able to find the infestations that annoys me, clearing them is as easy as rolling up and honking your horn to draw out the horde. Then wading in on foot to clear the freaks.

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    • Well I did not have any beds because to build other facilities for achievement. Maybe that's it. But I just radio about 10 new survivors. So I got to 15 ppl achievements too.

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    • I had 3 people go missing at one time because of infestations.

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    • A Fandom user
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