• Friday, November 29th 2013


These are coming on Friday the 29th, whether or not you buy Breakdown. Though please do buy Breakdown and tell your friends it's out ;)

If you are playing on the PC, you actually have most if not all of this stuff already, as it's easy for us to bug fix as we go along on Steam. The Xbox certification process is pretty complex, so we have to bundle lots of stuff at once.


  • Enabled Breakdown DLC selection/upsell in the Main Menu
  • Fixed the translated word 'Daily' in the Status tab of the Journal being too long
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the leaderboards to not sync to latest live data.


  • Overhauled our loot distribution system. (Note: The system now takes into account how much of something you already have before it tells you what is in that new container. It takes out some of the random, yes, and it also takes out the rage moment where you get your 348th Widget even though you've never once seen the Wadget.)
  • We now allow any playable character to get the Badass Achievement.
  • Rebalanced the use of voices throughout the character list, reducing the chance of a male voice on a female character and vice versa
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Freaks to have the wrong models (!)
  • Model tweaks at the southern bridge military blockade
  • Fixed a bug where leaping bite attack from the rear was doing no damage
  • Fix for invincibility exploit using repeated use of the dodge while standing still.
  • Followers can now be killed by Freaks, but you are given ample opportunity to save them.
  • Attempted to make a more natural Feral zombie interaction with vehicles
  • Jacob should no longer be killed off before Ed is saved.
  • Made car door kills a bit more reliable; it would sometimes clip through the zombies or not stack multiple kills correctly.
  • We now make one member of generic enclaves the leader, so the entire enclave can't go missing. (They would sometimes end up in limbo and unable to join you.)
  • Fixed an issue that caused neighboring enclaves to sometimes not earn trust.
  • Fixed incorrect community member being expelled from your community.


  • Corrupted save repair: If we find an unplayable character in a player's save game, we replace them with an appropriate character. This fixes some cases where the save game would no longer load.
  • Addressed an issue where old save games would show buildings as having loot, when they in fact did not.
  • Performance tweaks to improve framerate
  • Fixed a rare bug that cause the game to not load
  • Fixed a bug that caused the physics system to compute more than necessary.
  • Fixed a crash due to a floating point exception caused by the zombie spawning system
  • Leaderboard data check. Sorry, can't be more specific. Because.


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