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The Back Side of the Dam.


The Front View of the Dam, which is obstructed nor is clear.

Trumbull Valley Dam, though not explicitly named, is a point of interest in State of Decay and appears in one of the last storyline missions. It is a large concrete dam, apparently of the double wall construction type, located very close to the town of Fairfield. A road, inaccessible until the endgame, runs along the top of the dam, but is blocked by a military barricade. The dam creates a sizable reservoir to the northeast, forming part of Fairfield's northwestern border, and judging by the transmission towers that connect with the Dam, it also serves as a hydroelectric station. The large, metropolitan city of Danforth is visible from the dam. The view of the front side of the Dam is heavily obstructed, while the view of the back side of the Dam is relatively clear.

Mission involving the locationEdit


During the mission, the player character accompanies Sgt. Tan to the dam's overlook, where large numbers of dead bodies are dumped at the reservoir. This discovery reveals the cause of the zombie infestation in Trumbull Valley and makes it clear that long-term habitation is no longer possible.