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United States Armed Forces


Colonel Peel, Captain Montressor

Operating Areas:

Trumbull Valley, Danforth

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The following may contain spoilers regarding game-play in State of Decay

The U.S Military was the largest organization present in State of Decay, and among the only notable law enforcement agencies still active and operational throughout the outbreak, albeit relatively unseen. They later evacuate following the Black Fever-pollution of Trumbull's water supply and Danforth subsequently being overrun by the rotting corpses of those infected with the disease.

The Millitary was deployed when the first signs of the outbreak began, mainly in Danforth, but eventually being forced to pull out, and setting up a temporary F.O.B., Doghouse, in Fairfield, to possibly co-ordinate efforts in Danforth, and possibly as a Medi-evac, Peacekeeping and refueling depot, much like the F.O.B., Black Friday, in the city of Danforth


Trumbull ValleyEdit

The Army has not attempted any evacuations for the civilian population nor has it attempted to provide relief to any survivors. They have also blocked two bridges leading outside the town of Marshall and shoot anyone attempting to cross.

They broadcast on the radio not to bury the bodies of the 'reanimated' but to place them in body bags on the street for them to collect, and presumably destroy and incinerate.

In the North-West part of the town is the Carnival grounds which was being used to a Command Center/F.O.B throughout the entire county until the outbreak of Black Fever began. In turn all forces present retreated from the F.O.B leaving behind most weapons, a wrecked Apache gunship, and leaving behind all soldiers sick with Black Fever. When Sgt. Erik Tan attempts to contact Charlie-6 and gets no response, he blows both the gates blocking the bridge leading to Fairfield.The player and Tan reach the grounds where they learn that they have been left behind. Sgt.Tan and two other soldiers take refuge within the fair grounds and creates an Enclave known as "The Army".

It is hinted that their forces may have executed some squatters or scavengers. Sgt. Erik Tan is quoted saying he has orders to 'Evict any squatters, with lethal force if they resist'. 

If you choose to assist Sgt. Erik Tan with rescuing a group of survivors then you will gain the ability to call in artillery strikes at the cost of 50 influence presuming you previously completed the Eyes in the Sky missions.


According to local radio sources, the Army in Danforth has almost entirely pulled out, aside from a small "platoon" unit under the command of Major Alicia Hawkes. Under the callsign Greyhound, they received orders first from the operations unit Doghouse Actual and other secondary operation units. When Doghouse Actual went dark, Greyhound One relinked with Greyhound Two and retook the LZ outside of Danforth, thereby reestablishing a F.O.B. with COMM-LINK to command, Highroad Actual Headquarters, which granted them the ability to call for long range airdrops and evacuate survivors. Greyhound's callsign changed to Black Friday.

Black Friday's orders from Highroad Actual were to exfiltrate High Value Targets, such as Doctor Horn, but also began rescuing survivors when local DJ Vienna Cho, The Last Voice Of Danforth, began broadcasting survivor distress messages over her still operable radio station. After helping Sasquatch recover specimen organs and tissue from destroyed Special Zombies, they were ordered to pull out and presumably return to High Command. Depending on how long they stayed, and if the tactical nuclear warhead was detonated or disarmed, they managed to save quite a few assets whilst in the city and evacuate from Danforth.

It appears the military attempted to set up a few quarantine zones consisting or green metal cargo containers, high concrete barriers, watch towers, and sandbags loacted around the center un accessable region of Danforth. Containment seems to have failed by the start of Lifeline though as the defenses are penetrated, abandoned, overrun, and located inside Danger Zones.

Known MembersEdit

Trumbull ValleyEdit


Other known locationsEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit

Trumbull ValleyEdit

  • Sgt. Erik Tan: "You assholes better build a statue of me!"
  • Sgt. Erik Tan: "We have a term in the army for this. That term is FUBAR."


  • Major Alicia Hawkes:  "Do you think the army needs Soldiers or Smart asses?"
  • Major Alicia Hawkes: "That was an impressive stroke of good fortune"
  • Major Alicia Hawkes: "I'm sure we can find room on a Millitary transport for one Bad ass NCO"
  • Private Royell Vincent:"I think we cancelled their passports after they joined the ranks of the undead!"
  • Private Royell Vincent:"Nothing a couple of Army-trained badasses can't handle."


  • No Military hardware or vehicles, other than small arms mortar strikes and the crashed Apache helicopter, are seen ingame, though it is possible they were evacuated along with most of the fit and healthy units when they pulled out of Trumbull Valley.
  • The military seen in game is likely a joint operation between the Army, Air Force and Navy as the F-15 seen crashed in Danforth is with the Air Force, the helicopter that extracts refugees in Danforth is a Navy Seahawk and the Chinook that was ferrying Dr. Horn out of the city is used by the Army. The presence of Marine Corps issue weapons, such as the M16A4 and M27 IAR suggest the Marine Corps is also involved.
  • In the Lifeline DLC, these problems are corrected, with assets such as UAV Drones, Artillery Comms Station, a SH-60 Seahawk helicopter, crashed F-15 Eagle and MultiCam being seen in some release screenshots. It is probable that the soldier's appearing in Trumbull Valley are of the National Guard.
  • The Military soldiers are seen using both standard service weapons and a random mish-mash of improvised weapons, possibly due to the chaos caused by the outbreak, though they are sufficiently organized to have barricaded Fairfield, and F.O.B.'s like Black Friday and Trumbull County Fairgrounds.
  • The Military soldiers themselves wear armor not consistent with their real-life counterparts, wearing a fictional semi-woodland type of camouflage compared to the US Military's current MultiCam camouflage.
  • The army (or possibly Red Talon) has repurposed cargo vans in Danforth to transport military hardware.


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