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The U.S Military was the largest organization present in Trumbull Valley, albeit relatively unseen, though they later evacuate following the pollution of Trumbull's water supply by the rotting corpses of those infected with Black Fever.


The Army has not attempted any evacuations for the civilian population nor has it attempted to provide relief to any survivors. They have also blocked two bridges leading outside the town of Marshall and shoot anyone attempting to cross.

They radio broadcast not to bury the bodies of the 'reanimated' but to place them in bags on the street for them to collect.

In the North-West part of the town is the Carnival grounds which was being used to a Command Center/F.O.B throughout the entire county until the outbreak of Black Fever began. In turn all forces present retreated from the F.O.B leaving behind most weapons, a Apache gunship, and leaving behind all soldiers sick with Black Fever. When Sgt. Erik Tan attempts to contact Charlie-6 and gets no response, he blows both the gates blocking the bridge leading to Fairfield.The player and Tan reach the grounds where they learn that they have been left behind. Sgt.Tan and two other soldiers take refuge within the fair grounds and creates an Enclave known as "The Army".

It is hinted that thier forces may have executed some squatters or scavengers. Sgt. Erik Tan is quoted saying he has orders to 'Evict any squatters, with lethal force if they resist'. 

If you choose to assist Sgt. Erik Tan with rescuing a group of survivors then you will gain the ability to call in artillery strikes at the cost of 50 influence.


Known MembersEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit

Sgt. Erik Tan: "Look, a civilian. Hello, civilian."

Sgt. Erik Tan: "You assholes better build a statue of me!"

Sgt. Erik Tan: "We have a term in the army for this. That term is FUBAR."

Sgt. Erik Tan: "Well. That was fun."

Pfc. Winter: "Don't drink the water."


  • The Military members themselves wear armour not consistent with their real-life counterparts, wearing a fictional semi-woodland type of camouflage compared to the US Military's current MultiCam camouflage
  • The Military are also seen using a random mish-mash of weapons, possibly due to the chaos caused by the outbreak, though they are seen as organized enough to have barricaded Fairfield and turned the fairground into an FOB.
  • No Military vehicles, other than the crashed Apache helicopter, are seen ingame, though it is possible they were evacuated along with most of the fit and healthy units when they pulled out of Trumbull Valley.

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