Danforth Beltway Edit

The districts of Danforth are connected by the US Route 18 Eastbound,  US Route 18 Westbound, US Route 406 Southbound, US Route 406 Northbound, and the Horvath Memorial Tunnel. This highway circles the city's perimeter and enables locals and visitors to make a complete circuit of the city from the comfort of the road. Unfortunately, it also allows zombie hordes to efficiently travel to all sections of the city with relative ease; in particular, zombie hordes by the hundreds have flooded the tunnels running underneath Downtown Danforth and International District.

After the outbreak, US Route 18 became partly-filled with wrecks, which can interfere navigation across the route. Another results of the outbreak are many intact and abandoned Vehicles scattered across this route, in addition to potential places of scavenging such as delivery trucks and camp sites.

Many zombies, including Freaks, that traverse the route can possess potential threat to both armed and unarmed survivors. Therefore, it is very recommended to use a vehicle for navigation through the route. The threat level is significantly higher near the underground tunnel entrances as both are danger zones and constantly spawn zombies and freaks who have a chance of wandering onto the beltway above.

  • The Danforth Beltway

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