The highway US Route 406 serves most of the Trumbull Valley region and connects to the US Route 18 in Danforth.

Trumbull Valley Edit

It passes through the southern edge of Spencer's Mill in the north, links the sparse buildings on the eastern edge of the valley, and follows the southern river across which the town of Marshall lies. A Drive America sign east of Marshall identifies US 406 as the "Hysterical Highway."

Combined with an unnamed road that links the upper and lower arms of US 406, the road forms a loop that encircles Trumbull Valley. Generally, larger settlements, such as Spencer's Mill and Marshall are to be found on the exterior of the loop, while farmland and orchards are found inside the circle.

Following the loop will provide a complete perimeter circuit of the valley, excluding the Fairgrounds, and is an excellent way to move quickly from place to place in relative safety.

Danforth Edit

US Route 406 Southbound / Northbound highway circles the city's perimeter.


Burned-out vehicles litter the loop road, occasionally hidden by hills or blind curves. Most significantly:

  • West Marshall bridge turnoff: A collection of cars that blocks the road
  • Southern Stretch: A burned-out fire truck and the rear landing gear of the crashed plane block a significant part of the road, but can be avoided at speed.
  • Eastern Stretch near the Dinosaur Tourist Trap: Construction takes up the outer lane.
  • Spencer's Mill: Two intersections are blocked by car debris, but can be avoided at speed with care.
  • Spencer's Mill Vet Clinic: Nearby bridge (east) blocked by car debris. Can be avoided at speed, but there is a high risk of rollover if the blockage is hit.
  • Southwest intersection at southern Fairgrounds bridge: Accident wreckage blocks intersection.

Route 406 in RealityEdit

The US highway system does not have a US Route 406, nor is there an interstate route 406.

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